Sunday, August 9, 2009

I suck at this...

Its August and I have not posted since December of last year...

I am a pretty busy girl as of late and I forget that I have this blog sometimes...
Oh well - if you REALLY wanna keep up with me, you know you can find me at Kristen's Board.

If I do have anything worth mentioning here, I will post it - I PROMISE!



Monday, December 29, 2008

End of the year thoughts...

Well it's almost 2009 and I am once again apologizing for neglecting this blog. Life is a whirlwind as always and trying to manage my job and my lover and you guys (my readers). Sadly, it is a loosing battle.

I am trying to find the time to write (I last posted 2 chapters of a new story at the Kristen's Board, and am hoping to update it with chapt. 3 soon!) and post other places besides Kristen's. Things are chaotic personally, much like it is with the rest of the world, and I am seeking balance.

My best wishes and deepest thanks for all the kind letters of support and I do really love hearing from you all about your enjoyment of my stories!

My the coming year be filled with happiness, joy and pleasure for all of you.

Kisses and Squirts,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A post by Luna Zax

A message board I belong to, has a membership of several writers that post on Leslita and several other popular sites.

Luna Zax, a writer I happen to love and respect, posted a message, complaining about male writers that are basically clueless about the inner workings of girl-girl sexuality.

Here is her post:

I always wonder if what I find erotic matches that of other women... other lesbians... or other female readers of lesbian erotic stories.

Because I read some things, and I just don't get the "rave responses" to their stories. To me.... much of what is out there is bad writing or a male interpretation of female to female love and lovemaking.

Here's some of my pet peeves with this stuff:

* Any erotic story where the female character immediately (either as a thought or when speaking) uses the word cunt, I am turned off. The word is a fine fun word, but it should not be used casually. I only use cunt when having sexy dirty talk with a partner. In my head I don't refer to my sexual organs as my cunt, nor do I say to my friends, "I need someone to lick my cunt tonight."

* Any erotic story where a girl mentions her bra size when describing herself. (I'm about 5'6, red hair, green eyes, I'm really thin, and I have 36D tits!) I mean, when have you ever read a personal ad from a guy, where he says "I'm about 5'10", 155 lbs, and I wear size 34 boxer shorts". I'm sorry, but I don't define myself or describe myself using my bra size. It's a cute fun fact that can be spoken among friends and flirting partners, but not something that is just causally dropped in conversation.

And it's also funny that every girl is 32, 34, or 36 and has a C cup or greater, but never larger than DD. Or even better when a girl is really skinny at 115 lbs, but still has 36DD breasts.

* Automatic lesbians... As much as we wish it... As much as the world has changed... And as much as there are more sexually curious girls than ever before, every girl is not a lesbian, every girl is not curious, and every girl does not have a secret girl-crush/fantasy based on the truth or dare game they played during a slumber party last year.

These fantasies can still be fun, but if you use cliches they need to be well written..

* Seduction is almost more sexy than the action after the seduction... Flirting is fun... the not knowing whether someone is into you or not.... the hesitation or awkwardness of a first kiss with someone new... This is fun and exciting, don't rush past it to get to the good stuff.

* Anal Sex and Fetishes should never be introduced lightly. We all have fantasies, and we can act them out in stories and roleplays and the like. But it should never just be thrown in without any thought or planning. Discussion is always important. Lubrication is always important. Planning and purchasing is always important and can be very much fun.

That's all for now, I think....

Cheers, Luna

Here is my response:

Luna darling -
Thank you for putting this into words, I have often thought several of these things myself, and I agree on several points.


I am not afraid of, nor do I avoid the word cunt. I have a very "expressive" vocabulary and never shy from using foul language in the right setting. I do indeed say to my friends, sometimes in public, "I need someone to lick my cunt tonight."

In fact, I have a problem with adult women who are so repressed they still refer to their vagina as "down there". I mean c'mon girls... say it with me now: CUNT. There... was that so hard? (((giggle)))

Also, I do include characters bra sizes in my stories because I know that the majority of my readers are MEN that are primarily ruled and driven by their libido's. I am not talking about casual conversation, I am talking about erotica (or in my case, stroke stories) and I have a desire to be a popular read.

As I said, my readers are primarily men, and they need to be filled with references and visual imagery, so I do include details like that. Although, I have not written anything new in like 9 months, I continue to check stats on my old stories, and it's nice to know that I still get many hits at Leslita and Kristen's and SOL.

Erotica is fantasy tinged with realism in my opinion, and I do like to keep it as close to real as I can. However, I also like to make it hot and nasty for the poor guys that dream of having a teen girl (or 2 or 3) engage in the type of sex he will never see or have in real life!

I am not trying to start an argument or appear contrary, but I felt that I needed to express my views on the subject as well.

XOXO & respect,

If ya'll don't know Luna's work, here's a link to her blog:


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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sapphic Times Update

I have just submitted chapter 21 of Sapphic Times at Oakwood High to

I forgot I never finished uploading those chapters!!!! What a stupid cunt!!

It has been reformatted to read easier, and I hope you will enjoy it.

Kisses -

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Friday, July 11, 2008

A musing from DeeDee18 to me

A fractured ode to ‘yum’:

As I hit the key to log myself in,
I found all had changed to my total chagrin,

A plethora of names so long I did see,
And when I typed ‘yum’, someone shouted, “That’s me!”

“You can’t just arrive here, like opening a door,
And think all will stay, the same as before?”

I fumed and I cried, ‘till my tears had all dried,
Then emailed my yum to ask her, “how come?”

“If I always have been, your bestest of friend,
On this wonderful site, for so long every night,”

“Then why may I ask, am I taken to task,
For calling you yummy, who makes thrills in my tummy?”

In her wise moddy way, she came back to say:
“I missed you, li’l bratt, so forget all that.”

“Call me yum if you want, the others don’t care,
We’ll work it all out, so the name we can share.”

Well, what could I say, since she put it that way?
So I still call her yum, often misspell it ‘tum’,

Which she always finds funny, saying Bwahaha, honey,
So I give her an mmmmwhaaa kiss for her puss puss,

And she gives me one back,
And so we go on, ‘till it’s time for the sack.

At which time we part, though saddened at heart,
But short is our sorrow, ‘cause soon it’s tomorrow,

And once more I’ll call out the name of my yum,
And she’ll call back, “OhmiGod, here I cum!”

“All over my chair, and in my girl friend’s hair,
As I shoot on the wall, and out in the hall.”

At which time I, too, cum with a whooooo!!!
And I yell and I shout, as my juices spurt out,

People will read this, and giggle and sneer,
But we have fun, and one thing is clear,

I will always have yum, on the tip of my tongue,
‘Cause it makes me feel neat, from my head to my feet,

To write her on here, and call her ‘my yummy bear’,
Who makes me cum, And answers to ‘yum’


Monday, June 2, 2008

Sorry I have not been here lately

I met a girl and I am in love.

I will get back to writing soon.... I know it. I'm just busy doing the "grown-up".... ALOT.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Week 2 at Leslita

Not as high this week but still all 3 in top 10! Woooooooo!

Ten Most Viewed Stories for February 17 - February 23

1.My GirlsGrandma's Coming[4297]
2.HolleyBirthday Present[3361]
3.EvaCandy Striped, Part 2[2902]
4.AlessaChild Porn-Star[2507]
5.Kathy-Anne NiemannAfter Eighteen Years[2405]
6.Gia1978A Lil Quickie[1745]
7.Lil' LilyRed[1659]
8.Gia1978Rose's First Squirt[1490]
9.PrimevalLisa and Brittany[1418]
10.Gia1978The Further Adventures of Jan and Angie[1339]

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A poem written FOR me

By my darling lil sister... Staci

Roses are good

Diamonds are best

With you as my sister

I'm thinking in-cest

You've been a great help

in each and every way

When i see your light flash

It brightens my day

As we grow closer

and learn bout each ot

I'll thank God every day

you're my sis and not my brother

Hope it brings a small smile Gia

hard to believe, but that would make me happy


Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I know I have been neglecting this blog and several of my friends.... I am truly sorry for that!

I love you all and wish you well for 2008! I will try to post from time to time on here...